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Car Lighting Kits

We are glad to offer our passenger car lighting upgrade package. Evenly spaced warm white LED lights with a built in anti-blink circuit offers even and constant lighting for passenger cars. Each kit has 15 LEDs on a 10” strip. LEDs are mounted on a peel-and-stick tape backed strip. A constant lighting module is approximately More Info »
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Direct Plus Systems

Designed for high current stall-motor machines, and medium power 12 volt uses up to 200ma. This is enough power to run MP1, MP5 and Switch Tender machines. It's also enough for 2 watts of 12v light bulbs, 10 full brightness LEDs or a lot more LEDs run at lower output. Small motors can run on More Info »
Price: from $18.90
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LED Model Lighting Strip

A 3/8” wide peel-and-stick tape backed strip with single LED lights. Strips are marked with cut locations  every 2” (3 LEDs). Solder wires to end tabs. Works with 8 to 14v power, with widely varying brightness. Legal stuff: This product contains chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer (lead). Unused or retired products should More Info »
Price: from $4.90
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