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Snap Action Base Output Circuit

Most of our clients are looking for complete plug-and-play systems. Some of you are tinkerers who are looking to integrate some of our products with their own home-brewed circuits. This is the circuit for the coil driving output of our Snap Action Base, along with some implementation notes for home-brew assembly. This is for those of you […]

Interface Base

Our Interface Base will connect up to 8 Touch Toggles to a terminal output. The Base has a 5v barrel connector or terminal connections to power the Toggles. The output is a 5v open connector to ground used by many DCC boards,  micro-controller boards, or Raspberry Pi type computers, for manual inputs. Momentary and Toggle […]

Setting up and Adjusting Servos

Assembling a Servo Base System We recommend you practice working with servos by setting up a servo system of loose parts on a workbench or kitchen table. This lets you see every part of the system at once and offers a clear understanding of how things work together. This is usually much easier than starting […]

DC Power Extensions

Each of our Bases have a barrel type power input jack. Each of our power supplies has a matching 5.5mm OD – 2.1mm ID – Center positive connector. We offer extensions and Y-cables to create extended plug-together power connections. Our Y cable lets you break out power to two rows of bases. This cable lets […]

Servo Motors and How To Use Them

The “Servo Motor” is an assembly with a small electric motor, gears to rotate a shaft left and right, and an electronic circuit which moves the shaft to the precise angle it’s told to by an electronic signal. All that is built into a small plastic box. These are at the heart of the Radio-Control […]