New Tracks

This is where the information is for the April 17th build along on Jim Kellow’s New Tracks Build working on a Control Panel build using Touch Toggles.

You’ll need a base, power supply, and some Touch Toggles.

If you’re using Tortoise or other stall machines you’ll need our Direct Base.

If you are using Atlas, Bachmann, or any other twin-coil (3-wire) type snap machine you’ll need our Snap Action Base.

If you are using Kato or Rapido Trains turnout motors you’ll need our Snap Bipole Base.

MP1 and MP5 machines are best operated by our Real Switch Relay Base.

Servo motors are operated by our Servo Control Base.

The discount coupon for those building along is “NEWTRACKS23”, usable for 10% off all of our gear.

Contact us if you need more help finding the right solution.

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