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Direct Base for Tortoise machines

Ideal for Tortoise and other stall-motor machines, low power lighting circuits and other 12 volt uses up to 60ma. We offer just the Bases, or a Panel Package comes that comes with either 2, 4, or 8 Touch Toggles and a 2, 4 or 8 output Base. Our Direct Bases each have pairs of wire-clamping screw terminal outputs. The terminals More Info »
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High-Rail Base

The High Rail Base is designed to work with high current AC turnouts. Each High Rail Base controls a single turnout, with a single Toggle. Anti-Derail operations are fully supported. When a train operates the turnout the Toggle will change to show the new alignment without being touched. Important Note About Lionel TMCC Lionel TMCC signals in More Info »
Price: from $23.90
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Powered Tortoise Adapter

Our Powered Tortoise Adapter is a handy problem solver for modules and distant Tortoise motors. Tortoise machines are most commonly controlled using our Direct Base Systems which handle multiple machines from a single base.  This Powered Tortoise Adapter mounts right on a Tortoise! So easy to mount and wire - It's a single Tortoise powering control base built More Info »
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Real-Switch Relay Controls

Sometimes you just need to turn something on and off. Control lights, accessories, uncouplers, signals, motors, AC circuits. Anywhere you'd use an on/off switch. Relays are real switches. They're fully isolated which makes them ideal to control track power, high voltage or high current circuits, lighting, and signals. Our Real-Switch Relay Bases come with two More Info »
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Servo Control System

Get RC model servos to do your bidding! Small model radio-control type steering motors are a great way to operate turnouts and create animation. These Servo Motors are an inexpensive, flexible alternative to traditional switch machines, and the best way to add animation to your layout. Touching each Toggle moves a servo from one position More Info »
Price: from $26.90
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Snap Action Base for Twin-Coil 3-Wire machines

Operate your traditional 3-Wire Twin-Coil switch machines with Touch Toggles. Our Snap-Action Base controls the traditional 3-wire twin-coil switches from Atlas, Bachmann, Peco, and any of the N, HO, or O scale snap type machines that operate on 12-24 volts. This base works with any style of our Touch Toggles. We offer this base alone, or in More Info »
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Snap Bipolar Base for 2-Wire coil machines

Our 2-Wire Snap Bipolar Base. The new base has 2 terminals to connect each polarized switch machine.  Operate your Kato, Rokuhan, Rapido Trains, or other 2-wire snap switch machines with Touch Toggles. Our new Bipolar Snap-Action Base unit gives the Touch Toggle system the ability to control modern 2-wire polarized switches from Kato, Rapido Trains. This base works More Info »
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Touch Control for MRServo

Nathan Holmes over at Iowa Scaled Engineering has worked out a great way to get Touch Toggles to work with their single servo operator, the MRServo. Our products were electronically compatible, but difficult to connect until Nathan came up with an elegant idea. Our kit packages the two parts you'll need to make the connection; A More Info »
Price: from $10.90
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Touch Control for Tam Valley Depot Products

Our Touch Triggers are specially made touch controls that can directly replace most* Tam Valley Depot fascia controls. They use the same 3-pin plugs and plug right in. (*For Tam Valley Depot Loconet boards see the note below). We offer our standard "behind the scenes" style that match the size and shape of our original More Info »
Price: from $7.90
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Universal Translator links Toggles to DCC

Our Universal Translator lets you use Touch Toggles with DCC decoders Ordinarily Touch Toggles and our bases manage the position of the each output directly - with one position for green and another for red. Using Touch Toggles with DCC decoders, network, or computer systems is a bit more complicated. Each of these systems can change a More Info »
Price: from $36.90
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