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Touch Control for MRServo

Nathan Holmes over at Iowa Scaled Engineering has worked out a great way to get Touch Toggles to work with their single servo operator, the MRServo. Our products were electronically compatible, but difficult to connect until Nathan came up with an elegant idea. Our kit packages the two parts you'll need to make the connection; A More Info »
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Touch Control for Tam Valley Depot Products

Our Touch Triggers are specially made touch controls that can directly replace most* Tam Valley Depot fascia controls. They use the same 3-pin plugs and plug right in. (*For Tam Valley Depot Loconet boards see the note below). We offer our standard "behind the scenes" style that match the size and shape of our original More Info »
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Touch Toggles

Touch Toggles let you create dependable touch-screen control panels with just scissors and tape. When mounted behind a translucent surface (paper behind glass, plastic, etc.) the glowing light from the Touch Toggle indicates both the place to touch, and the controls operational condition. Toggle Toggles alternate from on to off with each touch (touch on, More Info »
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Touch Triggers

A special Touch input for electronic circuits like Digitrax, Tam Valley Depot, Team Digital, RR Circuits Tower-LCC controller, and user programmed micro controllers. Touch Triggers work with third party circuits that actively control the indicator lights. Touch Triggers are exactly the same size and shape as our popular Touch Toggles and have the same choice of More Info »
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Universal Translator links Toggles to DCC

Our Universal Translator lets you use Touch Toggles with DCC decoders Ordinarily Touch Toggles and our bases manage the position of the each output directly - with one position for green and another for red. Using Touch Toggles with DCC decoders, network, or computer systems is a bit more complicated. Each of these systems can change a More Info »
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UPS Shipping Upgrade

Upgrade from US Mail to UPS delivery service for $5. This upgrade will add $5 at checkout to the basic shipping cost as calculated by the website.  Please be sure to add this only once.
Price: $5.00

W Route Adapter

The W Track Adapter handles the 3 turnouts where a 2 track main becomes a 3 track main with a center passing track. Two Touch Toggles clearly indicate all routes, while automatically operating the third center-track turnout. Selecting the center track route to either mainline automatically clears the opposing main. This adapter prevents derailments and More Info »
Price: $15.90

Walthers Control System Adapter

This product is on hold and not available. Please contact us for more information. The programming of the Walthers adapter has been extremely problematic. Unfortunately progress has been interrupted by other pressing matters, so at present there is no release date planned. Use Touch Toggles to operate Walthers brand switch machines. info@berretthill.comThis plug-in adapter mounts directly More Info »
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Wye Track Adapter

Our Wye Adapter is a small plug in unit that uses three Toggles to control the switch machines installed in a wye track arrangement. It lets you choose your route through the wye in an obvious way. It works with any of our control bases, so it can control just about any kind of switch machine. More Info »
Price: from $15.90
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