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12v Power Supply

Power for Direct Control Boards (up to 24 Tortoise Machines). Several Direct Control Boards may be plugged together in a series to share a common power supply. Imported component. US plug. Customers who would like to use larger or centralized power supplies may use our Terminal Power Adapter. Alternate 12v supplies must be switching or filtered More Info »
Price: $10.90

24v Volt Power Supplies

Most coil operated switch machines were designed for 14-16v AC power, which includes 20v or more peak voltages. For those switch machines 12v is not enough. Our 24 Supplies provide power for Snap Action Bases and Snap Bipolar Bases driving switch machines that need an extra kick. Imported component. US plug. * ( Kato single More Info »
Price: from $18.90
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3-Pin Extension Cables

Extension cables for Berrett Hill Touch Controls, Low Power Plugin Kits, Relays, and Servos. More Info »
Price: from $5.90
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Input Splitter

The Input Splitter connects a single Touch Toggle to 2, or 3 inputs. The inputs can be side by side on just one base, or connected to separate bases to perform different functions together. A good use is to operate two Snap type turnouts in a crossover situation with only one Toggle. Please note that this More Info »
Price: from $5.90
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Multi-Input Adapter with Memory Option

Our Multi-Input Adapter makes two or three Toggles indicate and operate as one. Touch a Toggle on one panel and a matching control in a second panel throws too. The indicators on every Toggle will always show the same color: Add a second panel on the opposite side of a peninsula or module. Control an in-between More Info »
Price: from $8.90
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Snap Action Base for Twin-Coil 3-Wire machines

Operate your traditional 3-Wire Twin-Coil switch machines with Touch Toggles. Our Snap-Action Base controls the traditional 3-wire twin-coil switches from Atlas, Bachmann, Peco, and any of the N, HO, or O scale snap type machines that operate on 12-24 volts. This base works with any style of our Touch Toggles. We offer this base alone, or in More Info »
Price: from $39.90
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