Direct Plus Systems: Discontinued

We no longer offer these bases. They never performed to our standards …

Some stall motor systems with large motors use a bit more power, so we created our Direct Plus System to deliver up to 3 times the current.  all work with this higher powered base.

Designed for high current stall-motor machines, and medium power 12 volt uses up to 200ma. This is enough power to run MTB MB1 and MP5 machines and Switch Tender machines. It’s also enough for 2 watts of 12v light bulbs, 10 full brightness LEDs or a lot more LEDs run at lower output.

Small motors can run on this power too as on and off or with directional control. A small DC turntable motor or other animation can be operated with two Momentary Touch Controls, one for left and one for right rotation, and it connects with only two wires!

We offer just the Base units, or a package that comes with 2 or 4 Touch Controls and a 2 or 4 output Base.

Our Direct Plus Base has 3-terminal outputs. The terminals can clamp firmly on wires from 26 to 14 gauge. Each output provides reversing polarity DC power. Each output terminal set unplugs from the Control Base to let you connect wires more conveniently. With this feature, wires can be connected to the terminals in your hand where it may be easier to reach or see them. Removable terminals even let you re-arrange your connections if you need to, without disconnecting the wires.

In each 3 terminal set, one side pin is powered on Green and grounded on Red. The other side pin is is powered on Red and grounded on Green. The center pin is connected to +12v. The outside terminals are ideal for connecting the two wires of reversing DC devices like stall motor switch machines. LEDs or DC circuits can be wired from the center terminal to one or the other side pin for off/on circuits. 

Connecting a small DC motor from a left terminal on a first output, and to a right terminal on a second output will create a reversing motor drive circuit. Putting a Momentary Touch Control on each input will create a touch-one-to-go-left-touch-the-other-to-go-right control pair, perfect for controlling DC turntables, cranes, and other small animations.

Direct Plus Applications

Power Supply

You will need a 12v Power Supply. All of our 12v bases can share a supply when connected side by side.  12v power can be extended or shared between panels with our DC Wyes and Extensions

The demands on the Direct Base Plus can become quite large, so you will want to be aware of the total load. Each Touch Toggle connected uses about 17ma. Short term loads like the MP1 and MP5 which turn themselves off after 2 seconds may connect up to 24 machines, since only one or two will be operating at a time. For the constant load of Switch Tender machines our recommendation is no more than 8. The total constant load on our 1A (1000ma) supplies should not exceed 700ma.

You can use your own supply with a 5.5mm barrel plug and a positive center. We offer Terminal Power Adapters to connect buss power to our Bases. Read About Power For Touch Toggles for more information. This type of base can be operated between 9 to 20 volts for any special requirements.

Order just the Direct Plus Base or a Package Deal…

We offer handy packages of a Base and the Touch Toggles of your choice (in the pop-up menu below)Momentary controls are popular for press-to-operate accessories. Choose a Toggle type control to operate turnouts, track blocks and lighting.

We offer packages with our Mini-Cup Toggles too. These give you a ready-to-use fascia mounted touch control that mounts in a 1″ hole!

If you plan more than 8″ between your Toggles and Base be sure to look at our 3-pin Extensions.


Legal stuff: This product contains chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer (lead). Unused or retired products should be recycled properly or may be returned to Berrett Hill for disposal in accordance with RoHS standards.

We manufacture our products in the USA. Orders over $120 include free shipping to US addresses.


Choose the right Base or Package for you from the pop-up menu and set the correct quantity below.

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