Real-Switch Relay Controls

Sometimes you just need to turn something on and off.

Control lights, accessories, uncouplers, signals, motors, AC circuits. Anywhere you’d use an on/off switch.


Relays are real switches. They’re fully isolated which makes them ideal to control track power, high voltage or high current circuits, lighting, and signals.

Our Real-Switch Relay Bases come with two or four relay switches, each with 10 amp rated contacts, and a place to plug in a Touch Toggle to control each relay.

All of our relays have “double throw” action, meaning that contacts connect to one circuit when the relay is powered, and another when it is not; You will usually only need to use one side contact or the other. Each set of contacts have large screw-tight terminal blocks that are removable for easy wiring. These terminals accept 14-22 gauge wires to connect to each set of “SPDT” relay contacts. Adjacent relays can be linked with an Input Splitter to create a 2 or more pole switch.

Our Real-Switch Relay Bases use a plug-in 12v power supply. Our 12v Bases can be daisy-chained when mounted side-by-side with Relay or other 12v bases. This way power can be shared with up to 16 Touch Toggle controlled relays in a row, all by a single power supply.

Handy red LEDs light up to indicate when a toggle is red and its relay coil is powered. Our relays have a 100% duty cycle, which means they can remain on indefinitely.

Order just the Real-Switch Relay Base or a Package Deal…

We offer handy packages of a Real-Switch Relay Base and 2 or 4 Touch Toggles (in the pop-up menu below). Momentary controls are popular for uncouplers and other press-to-operate accessories. Choose a Toggle type control to operate track blocks and lighting.

We offer packages with our Mini-Cup Toggles too. These give you a ready-to-use fascia mounted touch control that mounts in a 1″ hole!

Be sure to order a 12v power supply for each panel location.


Use an Input Splitter to operate a Relay Base along with a switch control! Our  Input Splitter lets you control 2 or 3 inputs from the same Touch Toggle. Use a Relay Base to add contacts to any turnout!

Connect your Relay Base to distant Touch Toggles with 3-Pin Extension Cables

Have your controls power up in their last position, not green, using our Memory Adapters

Control a single turnout from multiple Toggles in different locations with a Multi-Input Adapter

Easily place both lights of a two-light Touch Toggle with the Toggle Placement Tool

12v power can be extended our shared between panels with our DC Wyes and Extensions.

If you are ordering our mechanical Push Button Toggles for Lionel and High Rail systems, these do not have wire pigtails. Be sure to choose the required 3-pin extensions, and Mini-Cup mounts or LED options in the Push Button Toggle page


Legal stuff: This product contains chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer (lead). Unused or retired products should be recycled properly or may be returned to Berrett Hill for disposal in accordance with RoHS standards.

We manufacture our products in the USA. Orders over $140 include free shipping to US addresses.

Click on the description to choose the right parts from the pop-up menu, and set the correct quantity below.


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