servo1This style of servo motor is inexpensive and most commonly used. Tiny “8 to 11 gram” servos are suitable for operating turnouts and small animations. Plenty of torque and throw for any scale of model railroad. Any standard servo plugs connect into one output of our Servo Control Base unit.

We do not feel that we are able to reliably source the exact same model of servo from a supplier from one order to the next, and therefore no longer offer servos for sale.

The servo model is not critical to model railroaders’ usage and even the most inexpensive servo models should provide service that can be relied on for the life of the model railroad.

Here are a few providers of the size servos needed for model railroad control:

Use any of these servos with our new Servo Well Mounts for “manhole” style in-table mounting. Use with our Under-Table Mounts for completely invisible installation using a fulcrum wire operation. Servos can also be connected to turnouts or animated features using hand-made push rods or with linkages available in R/C shops everywhere.

Again: We no longer offer servos for sale. This page remains available to help you find the servo motors you need.

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