SMAIL Translator Adapter

This controller mounts right on a SMAIL! It’s easy to mount and wire – It’s a Touch Toggle translator built right into a socket adapter. Just connect DCC power to the easy-wire terminals, plug in the Touch Toggle, and push the socket onto your Smail Turnout motor. The Touch Toggle is connected right at the turnout, so wiring is simple. And every Smail Adapter has two Touch Toggle connections, so you can have a control in one or two places:

The Smail Adapter is designed as a Twin-Toggle model, so you can add a second Touch Toggle for a separate location. When you plug two Touch Toggles into this adapter touching either one will operate the turnout. Both Touch Toggles will change to correctly display the turnout position. This is a great option for two sided modules, on opposite sides of a peninsula or on two separate panels for  in-between turnouts.

This adapter lets you install your controls with the least amount of wiring. Wire clamping screw terminals make it much easier to wire your Smail turnout motors. Use our 3-Pin Extension Cables to reach Toggles that are more than 10″ away.

Operate from Touch Toggles in a picture-frame-panel, or pair it with a Mini-Cup Toggle to eliminate the need for the panels.


The Smail Translator Adapter is very similar to this powered Tortoise adapter. Correct photos coming soon…

An indicator light on the Smail Translator Adapter changes color to match the Touch Toggle, so you can see what’s going on even while under the layout. Simply rotate the base to reverse the turnout’s red and green positions, or move a handy jumper to reverse the operation when you’re in a tight spot.

The design of the Small requires a small connector cable to be soldered to the three control input points on the Smail; C1, Gnd, and C2. The connector wire with plug is provided with each adapter.

This adapter is designed to only work with DCC. For a DC powered system consider the less expensive Direct Powered Tortoise Adapter and Tortoise combination.

You will need to set CV548 equal to 1 to use this adapter. This sets the Smail to understand a simpler one-wire control signal from the translator.

This is a specialized adapter that only works with Circuitron brand SMAIL turnout motors powered by DCC.

If you are looking for our un-powered adapter to use with Tortoise machines please use our Easy-Wire Tortoise Adapters.

If you are looking for a similar powered adapter to use with Tortoise machines please use our Direct Powered Tortoise Adapter


SmailTransWiringImportant Note: This adapter has a different connection order than the Smail. All the terminals are well labeled. The DCC connection is to two terminals near the center of the adapter, and one set of switch contacts if off to one side. The contact wiring order is rearranged to the standard “left, center, right” of most switches or relays. Only one set of the Smail’s contacts are available, the others are used to monitor the motor position and to set the indication of the Touch Toggles.

We offer the Smail Translator Adapter alone, or in packages that come with the needed Touch Toggle.

Choose below to select the style of Touch Toggle that suits your design. Toggles come with one of three light arrangements with different appearances but identical in function. Read More about Touch Toggles

Add a Tortoise Switch Machine Easy-Wire Adapter to your package to add a plug-in addition for a second Tortoise in a crossover.

Two Light Red/Green Touch Toggles
One Light Red/Green Touch Toggles

Our Mini-Cup Toggles are ready-to-install fascia controls that fit in a 1″ hole in the front of your layout. Now in one-light and two-light versions.


Legal stuff: This product contains chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer (lead). Unused or retired products should be recycled properly or may be returned to Berrett Hill for disposal in accordance with RoHS standards.

The Tortoise switch machine and trademark are property of Circutron.

We manufacture our products in the USA. Orders over $120 include free shipping to US addresses.

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