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Servo Control Base

Our Servo Control Base uses Touch Toggle controls to operate common R/C servos. Touching each Toggle moves the attached servo from one pre-set position to a second position. Touching it again returns the servo to the first position. Each servo moves to the position you've set for red and green positions at the speed you've More Info »
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Servo Control System

Get RC model servos to do your bidding! Small model radio-control type steering motors are a great way to operate turnouts and create animation. These Servo Motors are an inexpensive, flexible alternative to traditional switch machines, and the best way to add animation to your layout. Touching each Toggle moves a servo from one position More Info »
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Servo Well Mount

Servo motors from the radio control world are becoming popular to operate model railroad turnouts. The 9 gram sized servos are the popular size for this, with enough power and a great price point. Mounting the little servos is one of the trickiest parts of using them to run your railroad. Our innovative well mount "Manhole" More Info »
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This style of servo motor is inexpensive and most commonly used. Tiny "8 to 11 gram" servos are suitable for operating turnouts and small animations. Plenty of torque and throw for any scale of model railroad. Any standard servo plugs connect into one output of our Servo Control Base unit. We do not feel that we More Info »
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Setup Remote

  Our Setup Remote is used with our Servo Base to set the start and stop limits for servo operation. Servo Control Base come adjusted with a short stroke for installation, but are only usable when set to your exact requirements. Our Setup Remote lets you set each servo to the exact stop positions and speed to More Info »
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