DC Terminal Power Adapters


Barrel Input Adapter

Some of you have wanted to power your controls with your own power supplies. This little barrel adapter lets you wire power to terminals at any of our Control Bases.

Our Direct Bases are intended to operate at 12vDC but are not too fussy; 9vDC to 15vDC is acceptable. DC power must have some filtering, so really old power packs are no good. Modern switching supplies are excellent.

Our Servo Bases must operate on 5v smooth DC, so switching power supplies are required. The fit of the adapter into the Servo Base is tight, but workable.

All of our equipment DC connectors are Center Positive.

Important: be sure to connect plus to plus and minus to minus in your wiring. These adapters are marked with small markings that are  black lettering on black. Look very carefully! Reversed voltages will damage all of our equipment, and is beyond what we can warrantee.


Socket Output Adapter

We now offer a matching socket type terminal adapter for the other end of the line.  This offers terminal connections to our power supplies. Use these socket adapters to supply power to a buss connecting one or more Bases at a distance from our power supplies. Remember, you will rarely need one of these without at least one barrel connector shown above.

We also offer barrel connected DC Extension Cables and Wye Cables to let you extend your DC power with plug-in simplicity.


This component is manufactured in China. Orders over $140 include free shipping to US addresses.

Be sure to set the correct quantity below.


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