Third-Light Indicator

The control solution for crossovers!


Aspects of the Third-Light with a Two-Light Touch Toggle


The Third-Light adds a  second green light to a two light Touch Toggle. This creates a display with either two green lights, or the middle red light showing. The result is perfect for a crossover, with a red light in the middle on the crossover track, and two green lights, one on each mainline. Like the original Two-Light Touch Toggles the light centers are 3/8 inches apart. The three lights can be installed upright with the two green lights 3/4 inch apart vertically, or at an angle if your track lines are closer together.


TLI_Active_AreaWhen typically installed the Touch Toggle with the sensor contains the bottom two lights, and top light would be the passive Third-Light. Since in normal operation, fingers arrive from near the bottom of the panel, having the touch sensor behind the lower two-thirds of the thee light display works well.

The cable attached to each Third-Light plugs into a Touch Toggle input, and provides a socket to plug in the attached Touch Toggle. This whole assembly works like any other Touch Toggle. The power and LED driver is built into the Third-Light itself. The Touch Toggle slides snugly into a pocket on one side of the Third-Light case, and together can be attached behind your panel as one piece.

Third Light Assembly

The Third-Light can be added to any new or older two light Touch Toggle to create a three light display.

The Third-Light will also work with our Green/Green two light Touch Toggles. We’ll leave it to your inventiveness to layout all green indications in an easy to read arrangement…

Powering Your Crossover

If you are driving two Tortoise type machines, a single output from a Direct Base can power two switch motors, and the same is true if using Direct Powered Tortoise Adapters. Twin-coil and Snap type turnouts can be operated from a single Touch Toggle by using  an Input Splitter. Connecting a Touch Toggle to two inputs of a Snap Action Base or Snap Bipole Base through an Input Splitter, each switch machine connects to its own output, and will be sure to get a full charge to drive the coils.

Legal stuff: This product contains chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer (lead). Unused or retired products should be recycled properly or may be returned to Berrett Hill for disposal in accordance with RoHS standards.

We manufacture our products in the USA. Orders over $140 include free shipping to US addresses.

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