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Touch Toggles in a typical control panel. Touch Toggles are attached with adhesive tape to the back of a graphic design printed with a desktop inkjet printer, and mounted in an off-the-shelf picture frame. Lights in each Touch Toggle shine on the paper from behind, making bright dots that show each toggle’s position,. The dots also serve as an easy to see target showing where to touch each control. Click here to see a typical installation.


Touch Toggles let you create dependable touch-screen control panels with just scissors and tape. When mounted behind a translucent surface (paper behind glass, plastic, etc.) the glowing light from the Touch Toggle indicates both the place to touch, and the controls operational condition.

tt-greenToggle Toggles alternate from on to off with each touch (touch on, touch off); the same behavior as a toggle or light switch. Toggle Controls come with either one indicator light or two, with a red/green color change showing when the switch is thrown. The One Light version has a single color changing red/green center indicator light. The Two Light version has separate indicator lights, 3/8” apart that indicate with position as well as color; only one light is lit at a time. Two Light versions are availabe with two options: Red and Green lights for the most clear difference in indication, or Green and Green lights for situations for simple route indication or where no red lights are desired. All the panel type Touch Toggles are just 3/4″ square. Choose the style that best suits your needs.

Use our Third Light indicator with a two-light red-green Touch Toggle to create a green-red-green indication, handy for use on crossovers.

tt-yellowOur Momentary Touch controls have a single yellow center indicator light and Momentary action. This works like a push button switch or door-bell button: touch for on, remove-touch for off.   These are ideal for accessories or devices that only need to work only while the control is touched.

For Two-Light Touch Toggles our Toggle Placement Tool makes it easy to get both lights aligned in a control panel quickly and accurately. A single Toggle Placement Tool is all you need to align all of your Toggles.

Each Touch Control is just about 3/4″ square (the size of a keyboard key), and may be installed touching any adjacent controls.


Each one has a 12 inch “pigtail” , enough for most small and medium sized panels. They can be extended to a control base using our 3-Pin ExtensionsExtension cables can be connected end to end for long runs up 60 feet or more.

Touch Toggles are designed to plug into our Control Bases to operate different types of equipment. Operate our Real-Switch Relay Base to switch large loads. Direct Bases can power stall motor or reversing type turnout machines, power small 12v circuits. A Snap Action Base will operate traditional twin-coil machines, or use a Snap Bipole Base to operate Kato and Rapido Trains 2-wire snap machines. Our Servo Control Base operates radio-control type servo motors to control turnouts or other animations.


For simple fascia mounted Touch Toggles use our Mini-Cup Toggles. Click to read all about our Mini-Cup Toggles!

If you mistakenly ordered Panel type Touch Toggles and wish to upgrade to Mini-Cup Touch Toggles please order a Mini-Cup Upgrade and Exchange for each Touch Toggle. Please contact us about this before or whenever you’ve ordered so we can smoothly handle the exchange. or 443 527 6320 ( 9 – 5, M – F Eastern Time ).

Read our article about using Touch Toggles to control turnouts and uncouplers on a model railroad.

Touch Toggles can be easily integrated with electronic projects using 5 volt logic. They plug directly into an Arduino, Raspberry Pi, or other CMOS logic input. They are pin compatible with an Arduino sensor shield for truly plug and play operation. See these notes for your applications >>



Note: Please order Touch Triggers if you want to connect to Tam Valley Depot or Team Digital equipment.

Legal stuff: This product contains chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer (lead). Unused or retired products should be recycled properly or may be returned to Berrett Hill for disposal in accordance with RoHS standards.

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