Touch Toggle Accessories

Plug-together accessories to add features and functions to our Touch Toggles:

Multi-Input Adapter

Plug our Multi-Input Adapter into any Touch Toggle input and get three inputs that all work together. Touch any connected Toggle, the circuit will throw, and all the Toggles will change indication together. Use this to put the same control on two control panels or on opposite sides of a display.

Input Splitter

An Input Splitter takes the input from a single Toggle or a Multi-Input Adapter and breaks it out to 2 or 3 inputs on one base or more. Very handy for getting two Snap type switch machines to operate from a single control, or to throw a turnout and relay contacts at the same time.

Three-Way Switch Adapters

Use Toggles to safely operate a three-way turnout. Prevents points from clashing or moving points to the impossible both-left-and-right position, and clearly indicates the selected route.

Wye Track Adapter

Wye track arrangements forming a triangle to perform three point turns were common on railroads. They are equally handy on model pikes, but can be confusing to control. Our Wye Track Adapter lets you choose which side of the triangle you want to run through, and clearly marks the open route. One touch sets all the turnouts.

Third Light Indicator

Adds a second green light to any two light Toggle. This is really handy when using a single control to control a crossover. The Toggle will show a central red light when the crossover is chosen, or two green lights on the two parallel tracks when they are selected. A great solution to a control panel display problem.

Start Up On Red Adapter

All Touch Toggles start up showing green when they power up. This little in-line adapter makes them show red when they power up. Handy if you want circuits to be “off” when you turn the power on. (this feature is also built into the Multi-Input Adapter)

Momentary Latching Adapter

Lets two Momentary Touch Controls connect to an input to create start-and-stop or green-and-red “buttons”. A Touch Toggle connects too to offer a standard toggling control. The Touch Toggle indication shows the change in output when the momentary inputs are touched. Also works with logic level inputs from block detectors or optical sensors to automatically operate turnouts.

Extensions and Wiring Aids

Toggles can be run on up to 60 feet (20 meters) of extension cable. Power wiring can be extended too. And we have other stuff to help with connecting Toggles.

Toggle Access Base

The Toggle Access Base lets you use screw terminals to wire directly to the logical output of up to four Touch Toggles.

Toggle Signal Booster

Only needed when using Touch Toggles with other manufacturers electronics that have higher current logic inputs (pull-up resistors 5k or less).


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