Turnout Controls

Touch Toggles

Touch Toggles are ideal for controlling turnouts and track-switches for model railroaders. Complex control panels are easy to put together, and easy to update when you add new tracks or features. Any style of Touch Toggle can control the following bases to run your track switches.

Touch Toggles Accessories

Direct Base for Tortoises

Our Direct Base Systems are great for Tortoises and similar stall-motor type switch machines. Our Direct Bases have two wire connections for each machine. All outputs are electronically protected for dependability. Wire your Tortoise machines far more easily with our Easy-Wire Tortoise AdaptersPower individual Tortoise machines with our Powered Tortoise Adapter that mounts right on the switch machine.

Snap Action Base for 3-wire twin-coil machines

Perfect for traditional 3-wire twin-coil type machines Atlas, Bachmann, Peco, Marklin, LGB, PIKO, and a long list of older switch machines are all twin-coil type machines. Our Snap Action Base brings an electronic controlled capacitive-discharge-unit (CDU) to the job to quietly and safely run these sometimes cantankerous machines with just a touch.

Snap Bipole Base for 2-wire coil machines

Kato, Rohan, Rapido Trains, and some European manufactures use two wires to push and pull on a magnet with a coil. Our electronic controls deliver ideal performance and protect even the most delicate mechanisms from damage.

AC Snap Base for 3-rail with Anti-Derail

This new base will control Lionel, Ross, MTH, DZ-1000 and other machines requiring momentary power or wired for Anti-Derail operation. If the train throws the turnout the Touch Toggle will change color to correctly show the route.

We plan to introduce this new AC Snap Base in the next few weeks

Real-Switch Relay Base for 3-rail without Anti-Derail

Traditional high-rail machines not wired for Anti-Derail can be powered with constant power, for simplicity and lower cost. Our Real-Switch Relay Base works well for these turnouts.

Servo Control Base

Our Servo Control Bases operate the small inexpensive “servo motors” used fo steer radio controlled cars and airplanes. Our Servo Control Base lets you precisely control these flexible motors to control turnouts or other animations.

Use Touch Toggles with other manufacturers gear

We have lots of solutions for using Touch Toggles with other control systems, DCC decoders, and other electronics.

Touch Toggle Accessories

Connect two or more Touch Toggles to control a single input, one Touch Toggle to control two or more inputs, special operations for wye tracks and three way switches, start up with a red indication, and more.

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