Using Touch Toggles with Tam Valley Products

Manual Touch Control of Tam Valley Boards

Tam Valley offers a number of control boards that are designed to be manually operated by their Fascia Controller. Currently the SwitchWright, Quad, QuadLN, Octopus II, Octopus III, and Micro Singlet use this interface for manual controls. Touch Toggles may be used to replace the Fascia Controller, plugging directly into the Fascia Controller connection. Their line of LocoNet capable boards require a Inline Signal Booster to operate dependably.

Tam Valley Manual Control Without DCC

If you are using the Tam Valley boards without any DCC operation, just plug standard Touch Toggles into the 3 pin switch connector, set the board for “toggle mode” and they’ll work. Like any other toggle switch these will lock out any DCC connection to the Tam Valley board. The Touch Toggles used in this way are extremely responsive and dependable, since the Toggles are determining exactly what the controlled input should do.

These Toggles won’t work with a Y cable because they truly are toggles. They won’t damage each other, but you will have unexpected results when they are thrown against each other.

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Tam Valley With Manual Control and DCC

If you want to use DCC we offer Touch Triggers tailored to operate just like the Tam Valley Fascia Controller. The key advantage to this arrangement is that the lights on the Touch Triggers will properly indicate the condition of the turnout, even if it’s changed remotely by DCC. These Touch Triggers WILL work when connected with a Y cable, because the Tam Valley board is making the decision about what’s going on, and then controls the indicators behavior. These unique Touch Triggers internally operate as momentary pushbuttons, and will only indicate correctly when connected to Tam Valley control boards that are designed for using momentary inputs.

It should be noted that in some cases Tam Valley boards operated with push buttons can be quite sensitive about how long the buttons are held down; If they are held continuously the lights may flash back and forth rapidly. This makes for a very small game of roulette, where when a button is pushed it MAY change or it MAY cycle and go back to the beginning condition; Potentially frustrating. Anyway our special Touch Triggers operate exactly as the facia controls do, and the effect may also be noticeable.

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