Toggle Cup – Fascia Mount



We continue to offer our original Toggle Cups for folks who need to match their existing layout controls. Most of our customers are now using our fully assembled, smaller Mini-Cup Toggles instead.

These  mounts are a great way to use One Light Touch Toggles anywhere on your layout without a control panel! They’re great for those lonely turnouts and crossovers along the line beyond a yard or panel control. Or run your whole layout with them, with a control just below each turnout. Momentary Touch controls work too, for accessories and uncouplers

Toggle Cup mounts are neat and unobtrusive: nothing extends into the aisle, so they’re easy to see and reach, but almost impossible to accidentally bump.  A shallow black plastic cup provides the room to see and operate one, two, or three single light Touch Toggles. Ideal for modules too!

Our Toggle Cups come with black mounting screws and white diffusers to create a bright even dot of light.. The cups are made of moulded styrene and are easily mounted with a 1-1/2″ hole saw or jigsaw.

As mister Ford said about his Model-T: “… comes in any color you like as long as it’s black.”


E-6000 adhesive is needed to assemble each Toggle Cup Mount.

Touch Toggle not included.

T-Cup mount by AMEC; assembled by Berrett Hill. Orders over $120 include free shipping to US addresses.

Note: We are sad to say that at this point we don’t have a two-light Toggle option for the Cups. The Toggle Cups will not work with Two-Light Touch Toggles! Two-Light Toggles have holes 3/8″ apart (that’s 9.5mm). The Double Toggle Cups have holes 3/4″ apart (19mm) suitable for side-by-side mounting of two One-Light Toggles only.

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