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DC Terminal Power Adapters

Some of you have wanted to power your controls with your own power supplies. This little barrel adapter lets you wire power to terminals at any of our Control Bases. Our Direct Bases are intended to operate at 12vDC but are not too fussy; 9vDC to 15vDC is acceptable. DC power must have some filtering, More Info »
Price: from $3.40
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Terminal Base Input

PHOTO SOON: TBC4 - 4 input Terminal Base Control input unit Sometimes you want to run one of our base units with something other than a Touch Toggle. The Terminal Base Control lets you operate our bases with your own controls. Hardware switches, relay contacts, or 5 - 12 volt input signals can control four More Info »
Price: $14.90

Toggle Access Base

WE WILL HAVE A PHOTO SOON. TAB4 - Toggle Access Base The Toggle Access Base lets you use screw terminals to wire directly to the logical output of up to four Touch Toggles. Available as just the Base, or in a Panel Package comes that includes 4 Touch Controls of your choice. This base offers a direct connection More Info »
Price: from $16.90
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Tortoise Switch Machine Easy-Wire Adapters

The best adapters at a great price! Works great with the new wider Tortoise connectors! Connect Tortoise switch machines to our Touch Control System or any other without solder! Stripped wires from 14 gauge to 22 gauge firmly connect with just a screwdriver to wire-clamping screw terminal connections. A sturdy socket with gold plated slide-on contacts pushes easily More Info »
Price: from $6.40
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