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3-Pin Extension Cables

Extension cables for Berrett Hill Touch Controls, Low Power Plugin Kits, Relays, and Servos. More Info »
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DC Extension and Wye Cables

Now you can extend your DC power far from an outlet, or share power from one control location to the next - all with plug-together simplicity.Our barrel connector DC Power Extensions offer 6 or 9 feet of reach, and can be daisy-chained from one to the next for really long runs. Keep your AC power More Info »
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Grove System Adapters

The Grove System is a popular plug-together approach for Arduino Development. Our adapters connect to Grove System plugs and offer connections to two Touch Toggle sockets. Touch Toggles can be used as direct inputs reading HIGH when the Toggle is green, and LOW when the Toggle is red. Momentary Touch controls are LOW when touched, More Info »
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Input Splitter

The Input Splitter connects a single Touch Toggle to 2 or 3 Base inputs. The inputs can be side by side on just one base, or connected to separate bases to perform different functions together. A good use is to operate two Snap type turnouts in a crossover situation with only one Toggle. Please note that More Info »
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Multi-Input Adapter

Our Multi-Input Adapter makes two or three Toggles indicate and operate as one. Touch a Toggle on one panel and a matching control in a second panel throws too. The indicators on every Toggle will always show the same color: Add a second panel on the opposite side of a peninsula or module. Control an in-between More Info »
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Setup Remote Extension Cables

Our Setup Remote is used with our Servo Base to set the start and stop limits for servo operation. To extend servos or Touch Toggles use 3-Pin Extensions These cables are used to connect the Base and Remote during setup. We offer 7 foot (2m) and 25 foot (7.5m) cables to connect a Servo Base to More Info »
Price: from $6.95
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