DC Extension and Wye Cables

Now you can extend your DC power far from an outlet, or share power from one control location to the next – all with plug-together simplicity.

Our barrel connector DC Power Extensions offer 6 or 9 feet of reach, and can be daisy-chained from one to the next for really long runs. Keep your AC power supplies close to a central location and stretch out power connections to more distant control bases.

All extensions are back in stock.

Use our DC Wye Cables to split cable runs to 2 or more locations. When wide-spread the two barrel/board connection ends reach to about 11 inches apart.

With barrel connector cables polarity can’t be reversed by accident. Each device can be easily unplugged for quick problem troubleshooting too.

Our Direct Bases are intended to operate at 12v DC but are not too fussy; 12vDC to 15vDC is acceptable. DC power must have some filtering, so really old power packs are no good. Modern switching supplies are excellent.

Our Servo Bases and Translator Bases must operate on 5v smooth DC, so switching power supplies are required.

Our DC Supplies are convenient switching wall units, with just the right kind of power.

We also offer DC Terminal Connector Adapters. Use these to use your own wiring, orconnect to screw-terminal power supplies.

Safety Note: DCC is NOT DC; It is actually square wave AC, and won’t power our system.

Be very careful. Do not connect reversed-DC, AC, or DCC to our DC equipment. These will cause immediate and permanent damage which is beyond our warrantee.


These components are manufactured in China.

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