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Matrix Controller

Like the "Diode Matrix" of old, the Matrix Controller lets you choose one track with each Touch Toggle, instead of operating an individual turnout. This is a complete route control system, with each touch setting many outputs to preset positions. Align selected turnouts to create open “routes” through complex trackwork. Customize operations for each Toggle More Info »
Price: $69.80

Pulse Follower Adapter

This adapter lets a short power pulse set a Touch Toggle to green or red. The adapter senses a voltage in AC or DC (either polarity) between the center common terminal, and the red or green terminals. The brief external pulse of power can be from 5v to 24v, AC or DC. The inputs are More Info »
Price: from $9.90
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Three Way Switch Adapter

Our Three Way Switch Adapters are small plug in units that use 2 or 3 Toggles to control the two switch machines on a three way switch in a logical manner. They will work with any of our control bases, so you can use them to run just about any kind of switch machines. These adapters More Info »
Price: $15.90

W Route Adapter

The W Track Adapter handles the 3 turnouts where a 2 track main becomes a 3 track main with a center passing track. Two Touch Toggles clearly indicate all routes, while automatically operating the third center-track turnout. Selecting the center track route to either mainline automatically clears the opposing main. This adapter prevents derailments and More Info »
Price: $15.90

Wye Track Adapter

Our Wye Adapter is a small plug in unit that uses three Toggles to control the switch machines installed in a wye track arrangement. It lets you choose your route through the wye in an obvious way. It works with any of our control bases, so it can control just about any kind of switch machine. More Info »
Price: from $15.90
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