Pulse Follower Adapter

This adapter lets a short power pulse set a Touch Toggle to green or red. The brief external pulse of power can be from 5v to 24v, AC or DC. (Use an added resistor for pulses over 15v). The inputs are fully isolated, so the pulse can be from low power (5ma) occupancy sensors, or full track power, like Lionel Anti-Derail sections.

When not being triggered this leaves the output manually controlled by an attached Touch Toggle. For fully automatic operation no Touch Toggle is needed.

This can be used to:

  • Respond to track powered circuits. Create anti-derail type turnout controls,
  • Set up sensor tripped circuits. Operate signals and change turnouts that are thrown against oncoming trains.
  • Follow twin coil power pulses, to operate track power, signals, and semaphores.

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