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Cab Selector

Sophisticated operation on layouts on DC power usually needs more than one throttle. Each block section of track can connect to  more than one throttle, and your locomotives are no longer limited to one-at-a-time movements. Cab Selectors let Touch Toggles choose power from 2 or 4 sources to a block. All block selections are exclusive, More Info »
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Pulse Follower Adapter

This adapter lets a short power pulse set a Touch Toggle to green or red. The adapter senses a voltage in AC or DC (either polarity) between the center common terminal, and the red or green terminals. The brief external pulse of power can be from 5v to 24v, AC or DC. The inputs are More Info »
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Real-Switch Relay Controls

Sometimes you just need to turn something on and off. Control lights, accessories, uncouplers, signals, motors, AC circuits. Anywhere you'd use an on/off switch. Relays are real switches. They're fully isolated which makes them ideal to control track power, high voltage or high current circuits, lighting, and signals. Our Real-Switch Relay Bases come with two More Info »
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