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12v Power Supply

Power for Direct Control Boards (up to 24 Tortoise Machines). Several Direct Control Boards may be plugged together in a series to share a common power supply. Imported component. US plug. Customers who would like to use larger or centralized power supplies may use our Terminal Power Adapter. Alternate 12v supplies must be switching or filtered More Info »
Price: $10.90

24v High Voltage Power Supply

Many older coil operated switch machines were designed for 14-16v AC power, which includes 20v instantaneous voltages. For those switch machines 12v is not enough. Our Higher Voltage Supply provides power for Snap Action Bases and Snap Bipolar Bases driving switch machines that need an extra kick. These supplies is are between 22V and 24v More Info »
Price: $18.90

5v Power Supply

Power for Servo Control Base. Each Servo Control Base requires it's own power supply. Imported component. US plug. Customers who would like to use larger or centralized power supplies may use our Terminal Power Adapter. Alternate 5v supplies must be switching or computer type supplies. Older unfiltered DC will not work with our equipment. Our international customers are More Info »
Price: $12.90

Cab Selector

Sophisticated operation on layouts on DC power usually needs more than one throttle. Each block section of track can connect to  more than one throttle, and your locomotives are no longer limited to one-at-a-time movements. Cab Selectors let Touch Toggles choose power from 2 or 4 sources to a block. All block selections are exclusive, More Info »
Price: from $15.90
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DC Extension and Wye Cables

Now you can extend your DC power far from an outlet, or share power from one control location to the next - all with plug-together simplicity.Our barrel connector DC Power Extensions offer 6 or 9 feet of reach, and can be daisy-chained from one to the next for really long runs. Keep your AC power More Info »
Price: from $5.90
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DC Terminal Power Adapters

Some of you have wanted to power your controls with your own power supplies. This little barrel adapter lets you wire power to terminals at any of our Control Bases. Our Direct Bases are intended to operate at 12vDC but are not too fussy; 9vDC to 15vDC is acceptable. DC power must have some filtering, More Info »
Price: from $3.40
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