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Grove System Adapters

The Grove System is a popular plug-together approach for Arduino Development. Our adapters connect to Grove System plugs and offer connections to two Touch Toggle sockets. Touch Toggles can be used as direct inputs reading HIGH when the Toggle is green, and LOW when the Toggle is red. Momentary Touch controls are LOW when touched, More Info »
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SMAIL Translator Adapter

This controller mounts right on a SMAIL! It's easy to mount and wire - It's a Touch Toggle translator built right into a socket adapter. Just connect DCC power to the easy-wire terminals, plug in the Touch Toggle, and push the socket onto your Smail Turnout motor. The Touch Toggle is connected right at the turnout, so wiring More Info »
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Universal Translator links Toggles to DCC

Our Universal Translator lets you use Touch Toggles with DCC decoders Ordinarily Touch Toggles and our bases manage the position of the each output directly - with one position for green and another for red. Using Touch Toggles with DCC decoders, network, or computer systems is a bit more complicated. Each of these systems can change a More Info »
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