24v Volt Power Supplies

Most coil operated switch machines were designed for 14-16v AC power, which includes 20v or more peak voltages. For those switch machines 12v is not enough. Our 24 Supplies provide power for Snap Action Bases and Snap Bipolar Bases driving switch machines that need an extra kick. Imported component. US plug.

* ( Kato single switches can use 12v, but 24v is required for a Kato double crossover. )

Don’t Worry! Our Snap bases only turn on the juice for a fraction of a second, so the higher voltage just adds more charge to the storage capacitor. These bases are controlled by a micro-controller that won’t ever let enough current get to your switch machines to let them heat up or be damaged. 

Obviously, don’t use these supplies with our 12v bases. 

We provide these supplies with instructions for adding a grounding wire. Most switching supplies above 12v create a small electrical noise that can interfere with Touch Toggle operation, easily solved with a ground connection.

Customers who would like to use larger or centralized power supplies may use our Terminal Power Adapter. Your 16v to 24v supply must be a switching or filtered supply. Older basic rectified DC (power packs) will not work with our equipment without adding filter capacitors. Most switching supplies will need to be grounded to ensure proper Touch Toggle operation.

Our international customers are recommended to obtain power supplies locally. Our power plugs are positive center, 2.1mm ID, 5.5mm OD barrel plugs (2.5mm ID will work as well).


Our 24v 1A Wall supply type supply can power up to 3 Snap Bases.


We offer an in-cord enclosed 24v 2.5 Amp switching power supply. This is a plug-in solution to power up to 9 Snap bases and 36 turnouts. This unit has a barrel connector for plug-in simplicity. A 2 wire buss can be continued from the power terminals at the top right of our Snap bases to other bases and control panels all around the layout. A US power cord is provided.

We now offer an open frame 24v 3 Amp switching power supply. This is an economical way for modelers with some knowledge of electrical wiring to power up to 10 Snap bases and 40 turnouts. Direct wire power terminals are located at the top right of all Snap bases. A 2 wire buss can be created using 18 gauge wire to run power around larger layouts with lots of turnouts. The user must provide the power cord and wiring to the bases, as well as a safe installation to protect exposed terminals.

A ground terminal makes it easy to use a grounded power cord, and a jumper from ground to (V-) to help protect the circuit from noisy environments.

Use 24v supplies with Snap Bases only. Do NOT use 24v supplies with Servo, Direct, or other 12v Bases.

Legal stuff: This product may contain chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer (lead). Unused or retired products should be recycled properly or may be returned to Berrett Hill for disposal in accordance with RoHS standards.

Orders over $140 include free shipping to US addresses.


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