Multi-Input Adapter

3-1-triple-assyOur Multi-Input Adapter makes two or three Toggles indicate and operate as one. Touch a Toggle on one panel and a matching control in a second panel throws too. The indicators on every Toggle will always show the same color:

  • Add a second panel on the opposite side of a peninsula or module.
  • Control an in-between switch that shows up on two panels.
  • Arrange to have switch controls at both ends of a long passing siding.
  • Add a local fascia control to a switch controlled by a master panel elsewhere.
  • Our most current Multi-Input Adapter can be set to have one or two attached Touch Toggles start up in the Red position.

Two or three Touch Toggles plug into the adapter, and it plugs into any Base input. Each Multi-Input Adapter is narrow enough to be installed side by side at the inputs of any of our Bases, and is only about 1-1/2″ long.

Each adapter has one screw-through leg just like our bases, so a #6 screw can attach it securely. That way plugging and unplugging Toggles won’t yank your controls apart.

Use our 3-pin Extensions to extend each Toggle up to 60’ or more.

The Multiple-Input Adapter can be used to make Touch Toggles Startup On Red, making one or two attached Toggles show red every time the power is turned on.

New Product:

One mans red is another mans green.

Occasionally Toggles on two panels will want to show an opposite indication, one Toggle red when the other is green. We now offer a specialized version called the Multiple-Input Adapter Red having one of the three Toggles always showing the reversed indication. These are great for this unusual application, but should not be used for any typical installation.


Important Note: The mechanics of having true on/off switches work together in this way is minor magic. The mechanics of over-riding the Toggle’s indication is much more powerful magic. Each adapter contains a programmed micro-controller to perform this work, so we are apologetic that we must charge what we do for a product that seems so simple, but also amazed that we can charge so little for that same product. We hope you can find a great use for this little adapter.

Also Note: If you look very closely at the Touch Toggle LEDs while connected to  the Multi-Input adapter you will sometimes see the dark LED very dimly blinking. This is normal, a result of very short tests done to see if the Toggle has been touched. This effect is not visible through a diffuser or paper, but can be surprising if it is unexpected.

This product is made by Berrett Hill in the USA. Orders over $120 include free shipping to US addresses.

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