Servo Control System


Our Four Servo Control Base

Exciting Update! Our Servo Bases now feature Quiet-Startup!

The Quiet-Startup feature nearly eliminates the jumping and thrashing about most servo motors go through when powering up.


Our Eight Servo Control Base

Get RC model servos to do your bidding! Small model radio-control type steering

motors are a great way to operate turnouts and create animation. These Servo Motors are an inexpensive flexible alternative to traditional switch machines, and the best way to add animation to your layout.

Touching each Toggle moves a servo from one position you’ve set to a second position. A second touch moves it back. Each servo moves to unique positions at just the speed you’ve set.

Very slow speeds are often valuable for realistic animation. Easy setup and pushbutton adjustment lets anyone use servo motors to make things move on a layout. (Here is a detailed description of Setting Up and Adjusting Servos.)

A “Center” button on the base centers all connected servos and lights all connected touch controls. This  makes installation of both servos and lights much simpler.

We offer the Base alone or in our packages with Touch Toggles and a output Servo Control Base. Choose the style of base and Touch Toggle that suits your design from the menu below.

We also have packages with Mini-Cup Toggles. These self-trimming fascia mount Toggles mount in a 1″ hole!

You will need:

A 5 volt Power Supply. Stalled or starting servos can draw lots of power, so a 2 amp power supply is needed for each Servo Control Base.

One Setup Remote tool to adjust your servos for optimum operation. You’ll need just one for the whole layout. Our easy to use Setup Remote helps you to quickly set each servo to the exact positions and speed setting you need.

The Setup Remote needs to be connected only while adjustments are being made. The setup routine is designed to be simple and self guiding. You can read about Setting up Servos with a Setup Remote for extensive instructions

One Setup Remote CableThe Setup Remote uses a standard DCC cable (RJ11 – straight through wiring) to connect to the base. If you don’t have one we stock Setup Remote Cables in 7 and 25 foot lengths.

Servos. Use your own servos, or add our Servos to your packsge to deliver all the operators you need for the system.

Servo Mounts. Install the servos with your own mounting arrangement, or add Servo Under-Table Mounts or  Servo Well Mounts to provide the easy-to-install mounting you’d like.

undertable_servo_mount_site servo_well_2

Most of these items are listed in the pop-up menu below…

An important note to anyone using servos:

This note describes most servo control systems and our systems before April 2017. Our new Quiet-Startup feature has eliminated this behavior in almost all situations. The installation recommendations are still good practice, since servo motors and their controllers can at times be unpredictable.

Most servos will move about wildly on startup. This thrashing about is a characteristic of the servos not the controller. Make sure nothing will be damaged when the servo tries to move outside of it’s pre-set range. In most cases this is as simple as adding a spring or springiness to the linkage. Be sure that a sudden movement doesn’t move your turnout or break the throw rod. Add a V or Z bend in direct push rod linkages to avoid problems.

Legal stuff: This product contains chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer (lead). Unused or retired products should be recycled properly or may be returned to Berrett Hill for disposal in accordance with RoHS standards.

We manufacture our products in the USA. Orders over $120 include free shipping to US addresses.

If you have further questions contact Kevin Hunter at or 443 527 6320.

 Be sure to make the right choice from the pop-up menu and set the correct quantity below.


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