Pushbutton Toggles

Sometimes you need a real pushbutton. There are times when a touch sensing toggle just won’t do.

  • Lionel TTMC and Legacy systems create enough radio-noise to false-trigger Touch Toggles.
  • Some folks just like a firm raised button.
  • You can build panels out of conductive material like steel or aluminum.
  • Others need or non-transparent panel materials to build to their plans.

To answer each of these situations and operate the complete Touch Toggle system, we’ve created a 100% compatible Push Button Toggle.

The Push Button Toggle installs with plug-in simplicity, has flexible indication standard, and has on-board electronics to support memory and all of the Touch Toggle systems advanced support gear. The The Push Button Toggle also remembers it’s last position so nothing will change through a power-up.

Our Push Button Momentary is ideal for places real push-buttons are needed, like uncouplers and accessories. The Push Button Momentary pairs perfectly with our Real-Switch Relay Base to provide a high current (10 Amp) capable switch output for AC or DC, and high or low current control.


The Pushbutton Toggle is a Touch Toggle system compatible control with a mechanical push button and indicating LEDs in sockets. Each mounts in a 9/16″ (7mm) hole in up to 1/8″ material. Pushbutton Toggles are supplied with unmounted 5mm red and green LEDs. Other 2 lead sizes or shapes may be substituted, a few of which we offer below. With many options for mounting, some assembly will be required to suit your needs.

LEDs can be assembled and installed to shine through, or project through holes in the panel:

  • Cut short LED leads, to light your graphic from below like our original Touch Toggles.
  • Cut longer LED leads to push up through a hole for each LED; 7/32″ (5mm) .
  • Use our Mini-Cup PB Toggle Mounts ready to assemble and install in a 1″ hole for a recessed fascia mount.


Two LED positions are provided next to the button. Each has a polarity-reversing  socket, so single color or bi-color LEDs can be used to create a variety of one or two position indications using two leg LEDs:

  • Two LEDs, one red and one green, (supplied) can alternate lighting up to highlight a physical direction on your panel.
  • Two green, or other matching LEDs can highlight the active selection by position only.
  • A single bi-directional LED can show an alternating red/green indication.
  • Two red/green bi-directional LEDs can be installed with reversed polarity to show green-over-red, or red-over-green.
  • We provide one red and one green LED, and offer packs of red/green bi-color LEDs. Any other user supplied two-lead LEDs can be used as well.
  • Our Push Button Momentary units are supplied with one yellow LED for clear distinction.

Through-hole installations use longer leads. These can be bent to allow some flexibility in the exact positioning of the LEDs nearer or farther from the push button.


Pushbutton Toggles are 3/4″ square; You may want to plan 1″ spacing between buttons. Installed the Pushbutton Toggle projects about 1″ behind the panel. The 3-pin socket on the bottom may be bent downwards if desired, adding a bit more room for cable connections.

We offer Mini-Cup PB Toggle Mounts to create a recessed fascia mount. Holes are built in for either one LED or two LED assembly. The mount has a finishing flange and only requires a 1″ hole drilled into the fascia, and a bit of caulk used to hold it in place.

Pushbutton Toggles have a 3-pin socket at the bottom side to connect a 3-pin cable. This helps keep things simple and uncluttered while you’re assembling your panel. 3-pin Extensions are used to connect a Push Button Toggle to a base unit input. Different length extensions are available to match your installation requirements. A complete list of 3-Pin Extensions is here.

Pushbutton Toggles are shipping now.

A matching High-Rail Base will be ready soon. It will thrive in an AC environment, and keep the indication correct even through anti-derail operations. Expected delivery is in late December.

Legal stuff: This product contains chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer (lead). Unused or retired products should be recycled properly or may be returned to Berrett Hill for disposal in accordance with RoHS standards.

We manufacture our products in the USA. Orders over $140 include free shipping to US addresses.

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