On-Off Controls

The most common function of electrical controls is to turn things on and off. Used with a Touch Toggle our base units can turn almost anything on or off. Used with a Momentary Touch control the output work like a pushbutton or doorbell, which stays on only as long as you are touching the control.

Our Real-Switch Relay Bases have real mechanical contacts that can handle any kind of signal or power

These Touch Toggle controlled relay contacts can solve almost all power switching problems. They can handle up to 10 amps (Lots) of current. The circuit can be wired to AC, DC, DCC, or any kind of signal.

Since the Relay Base acts only as a switch it doesn’t output any power, so the right kind of power needs to be provided. Like any other switch, the Relay contacts can only close or open a circuit.

Our Direct Bases can be used for small lights and motors that need 12vDC. 

Direct Bases provide up to 60ma of reversing DC, so they’re perfect for powering up to 3 very bright LEDs or many more dim ones.

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