Inline Signal Booster for Third Party Electronics

When adapting our touch controls to third party electronics sometimes a boost is needed to the signal line.

This small device connects between the Touch control and a 3-pin extension running to an input. The Signal Booster is about 1/2″ x 1/4″ x 2″ and is in a shrink wrapped package.

This active booster passes the signal in both directions and has an output-to-ground resistance of only 200 ohms when the output is pulled LOW (Red). Compare this to the 1k internal resistance to ground of all of our Touch controls. (Read details about Using Touch Controls in Your Own Electronics)

TTL pullup resistances less than 5k will overpower a Touch Toggle, Touch Trigger, or Momentary Touch. We offer the Inline Signal Booster for electronics with higher input signal demands like pullup resistors less than 5k or close-to-ground LOW-value signal requirements. The booster’s LOW output will be less than .5v with an 2200 ohm pullup, satisfying the most demanding TTL requirements.

Driving flashing or changing of the LEDs faster than twice a second may be filtered out or slowed by the Booster.

Note: The need for this booster is rare. Most modern electronics use pull-up resistors of 10k or more. A booster is needed only for inputs designed for maximum noise rejection, older designs, or those designed to strict TTL guidelines. Older Chubb systems and the Tam Valley Depot QuadLN_S are known cases.

Also Note: If you look very closely at the Touch controls LEDs while connected to  the Inline Signal Booster you will sometimes see the dark LED very dimly blinking. This is normal, a result of very short samples taken to see if the Touch control has been touched. This effect is not visible through a diffuser or paper, but can be surprising if it is unexpected.

This product is made by Berrett Hill in the USA. Orders over $140 include free shipping to US addresses.

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