Momentary Latching Adapter

The Momentary Latching Adapter adds two momentary inputs to the operation of any Touch Toggle. The connected Touch Toggle operates normally. One momentary input sets the Toggle to red, and the other to green. The Touch Toggle changes indication just as if it had been thrown with a touch. After the momentary operation the Toggle is ready to throw back again the next time it is touched. This lets the automatic operation work without ever intruding on manual control.

The momentary input can be from our Momentary Touch Controls, a sensor, or electrical contact. The Touch Toggle indication shows the current output when the Touch Toggle is touched, or the momentary inputs are triggered.

The Latching Adapter works with contacts, pushbuttons, block detectors or optical sensors. It will accept logic level pull-to-ground inputs from any electric or electronic circuit.

A simple application might be to add an Emergency-Stop button for a power circuit.

Another application would be to add this to the control of the entry to a reversing loop. The Touch Toggle controls the turnout normally. Sensors or block detectors can spot a train approaching a turnout from the inside of the loop and if needed reverse the switch to let the train through.



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