Signal Adapter for Tortoise

This adapter powers LED signal lights from our Direct Base polarity reversing stall-motor power. The easy-to-wire adapter can power either common-cathode (negative common) or common-anode (positive common) dwarf or other two light route indication signals. Our Signal Adapter will also work with any stall motor supply, decoder, or hard-wired switch connection.

The Signal Adapter may be placed on the layout just below dwarf or two light turnout signals. As with most of our products the terminals may be pulled off of  the adapter for easy wiring. The signal wires can easily be connected to the adapters terminals without any extensions. Power from the Tortoise may be jumpered over from the nearby switch motor, eliminating most extra wiring.

As in most of our equipment safety has a high value. Built in resistance ensures that connected signal LEDs can’t accidentally be burnt out. Additional resistors are provided to tune the signal brightness to your liking. The power to the “red” signal light is slightly reduced internally to balance the brightness of the lights, since red or yellow LEDs appear brighter than green LEDs when given exactly the same power.

Wiring for common-anode or common-cathode signals is just the matter of connecting the signal’s common wire to the correct terminal. (As before, no harm can occur if this is cross wired)

The adapter can power one or two signal heads or panel indicators at medium-bright light with the included parts. Other arrangements are possible; Please contact Kevin Hunter with any special requirements. or 443 527 6320 9-5 eastern time.

Order the Signal Adapter for Tortoise in a single pack, or a 4 pack at a modest discount.


Legal stuff: This product contains chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer (lead). Unused or retired products should be recycled properly or may be returned to Berrett Hill for disposal in accordance with RoHS standards.

The Tortoise switch machine and trademark are property of Circutron.

We manufacture our products in the USA. Orders over $140 include free shipping to US addresses.

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