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Using Touch Toggles with Microcontrollers

Note: Before going on with this page you may want to read Using Touch Toggles with your own electronics Tam Valley Depot Products It happens that Tam Valley Depot fascia control inputs need a momentary contact switch to ground. This design is provided in our Touch Trigger controls. Now you can have touch controls that directly operate your […]

Mounting Touch Toggles

Touch Toggles work by sensing changes in capacitance, something that can be measured right through glass, plastic, or paper. The water in your body is a pretty good capacitor, which is why it senses your finger. It doesn’t matter if you are pressing down on the surface, other than that the surface may flatten out […]

About Power for Touch Toggles

Our 12 volt bases (Direct Bases, Relay Base, and Snap Action Base) can all be powered with 12v to 18v filtered DC*. Our 5 volt bases (Servo Base and Translator Base) need to be powered by regulated 5v DC*.  ( * For a full description of the types of power see The Basics of Older Power […]

About Our Plastics

All of Berrett Hill’s plastic components are made from our own custom designs on a 3D printer. Each piece is built up from tiny threads of plastic squirted from a heated nozzle in a robotic moving head adding layers to build up the part. A filament of PLA plastic is fed in precisely to put […]

Setting Up Servo Operation

Our Servo Base will control up to eight radio-control style servo motors, moving from one set position to a second position at a predetermined speed. The positions and speed are easily adjusted using a Setup Remote tool. The Servo Base, Touch Toggles, and servo motors should be connected before beginning adjustments.   The Servo Centering Button The yellow button […]

Extra Stability for your Touch Toggles

If you want to use your own power supply for our gear please read About Power Supplies In some situations Touch Toggles can act over-sensitive or even fail to trigger.  Usually problems of this sort involve noise from the power supply. Connecting a ground wire to an ungrounded control package can usually drain off that […]