Extra Stability for your Touch Toggles

If you want to use your own power supply for our gear please read About Power Supplies

In some situations Touch Toggles can act over-sensitive or even fail to trigger. 

Usually problems of this sort involve noise from the power supply. Connecting a ground wire to an ungrounded control package can usually drain off that noise. We now offer free Grounding Kits for any of our supplies that develop this oversensitivity.

Switching power supplies are often electrically isolated. In rare cases, tiny ghost signals can develop between an isolated circuit and house ground. Touch Toggles can sense this tiny hum as noise, and that can cause the Toggles to  behave unexpectedly.

Every problem installation seems to work better when grounded! Fortunately our Bases have a couple of built in features that will make this easy to do.

We have created a  kit that drains noise to ground. Our Ground Coupling Kit is free to all customers who request it. Please just send a note. 

For those of you with Direct Bases who want to try grounding your system, there are grounding lugs at either corner of the green PC board just outside the strip of blue output terminals. A small wire attached to this pad can be run to ground. A solder drop or an alligator clip can be used to connect a ground wire to the pad.

If you are using a Direct Plus Base or Snap Action Base you can ground one of the center terminals of any output. (This arrangement is grounding the positive side of the power supply, but works fine as long as you have only one ground)

Whenever grounding any supply only one grounding connection should be used.

Please contact me right away if you have any other problems with your gear or if you have any questions:

Kevin Hunter


443 527 6320


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