Mini-Cup Toggles

Upgrade: Our Mini-Cups are now injection moulded for a smoother finish and truly durable assembly. The new cups are the exact same dimensions as all the previous Mini-Cups, but with a slightly improved appearance.

Sometimes a single control is all you need. When a control panel is overkill these self mounting Touch Toggles can do the job well.

Mini-Toggle one lightOur Mini-Cup Toggles offer a recessed surface mount with a Touch Toggle built in. The flanged, self trimming design mounts in a one inch hole. The control is recessed just enough to keep it from being operated accidentally from a bump. Our Mini-Cup Toggles are available with our popular one light red/green indicator, or with two indicator lights 3/8″ apart that alternate lighting up red and green. Glowing light  from the Toggle indicates helps you find each control, and see which way it’s thrown. A momentary touch version with a yellow light makes a great “start” button for layout animations, uncouplers, and anything that needs a doorbell-style pushbutton.

Each Mini-Cup Toggle mounts in a 1″ hole, and has a 3/16″ flange to make a 1-3/8″ overall diameter. The assembly is about 5/8″ deep, and the attached 12 inch “pigtail” can be run out the back of the unit through any thickness of material. They connect just like any other Touch Toggle, and can be run a distance of 60 feet or more to a control base using our 3-Pin ExtensionsExtension cables can be connected end to end for long runs.

The simple installation is to drill a 1″ hole in your finish surface and run a small bead of acrylic caulk around the inside surface of the hole. Press the Mini-Cup Toggle into place, and hold the flange tight to the finished surface until dry using masking or painters tape. If you ever need to disassemble this installation, pressing on the Mini-Cup Toggle from behind should pop it right out.  

Read our article about using Touch Toggles to control turnouts and uncouplers on a model railroad.

Mini-Cup mounts are also available for our Push-Button Toggles. The same 1″ hole mount and flange with a traditional push button offers full compatibility with Lionel TMCC systems.

Touch Triggers are also available in a Mini-Cup design. Touch Triggers are compatible with Digitrax 70 series stationary decoders, Tam Valley Depot gear, and RR CirKits gear.

Like our Touch Toggles, Mini-Cup Toggles can be easily integrated with electronic projects using 5 volt logic. They plug directly into an Arduino, Raspberry Pi, or other CMOS logic input. They are pin compatible with an Arduino sensor shield for truly plug and play operation. See these notes for your applications >>


Note: We offer three models as standard Mini-Cup Toggles. If you need other indications or Mini-Cup Touch Triggers please contact Berrett Hill for a special order.

Legal stuff: This product contains chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer (lead). Unused or retired products should be recycled properly or may be returned to Berrett Hill for disposal in accordance with RoHS standards.

We manufacture our products in the USA. Orders over $140 include free shipping to US addresses.

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