Servo Control Base


Our Servo Control Base uses Touch Toggle controls to operate common R/C servos.


Touching each Toggle moves the attached servo from one pre-set position to a second position. Touching it again returns the servo to the first position. Each servo moves to the position you’ve set for red and green positions at the speed you’ve set.

Servo Control bases support  8 Touch Controls and 8 servos each. Berrett Hill offers small servos separately or in bundled packages. We also have Well Servo Mounts and Under Table Servo Mounts to help model railroaders install their servos for turnout operation.

A “center” button on the base centers all connected servos and lights all connected touch controls. This  makes installation of both servos and lights much simpler.

Servo control bases come pre-set with stop positions for installation. For the best usability you need to set to your exact requirements using our Setup Remote. Our easy to use Setup Remote helps you to quickly set each servo to the exact positions and speed setting you need. The Setup Remote needs to be connected only while adjustments are being made, so you only need one for a whole layout! (Now at a new low price.)

Each Base requires a 5v power supply. Connected servos can be any size with a maximum power draw of 2 amps total.

Be sure to review our Servo Control Packages for better offers on grouped items!

Legal stuff: This product contains chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer (lead). Unused or retired products should be recycled properly or may be returned to Berrett Hill for disposal in accordance with RoHS standards.

We manufacture our products in the USA. Orders over $100 include free shipping to US addresses.


Contact Kevin Hunter with questions at or 443 527 6320.

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