Snap Bipolar Base for 2-Wire coil machines


Our 2-Wire Snap Bipolar Base. The new base has 2 terminals to connect each polarized switch machine. 

Operate your Kato, Rokuhan, Rapido Trains, or other 2-wire snap switch machines with Touch Toggles.

Our new Bipolar Snap-Action Base unit gives the Touch Toggle system the ability to control modern 2-wire polarized switches from KatoRapido Trains. This base works with any style of our Touch Toggles. Our large removable screw clamping terminals connect to your wire at each output.

We offer plug adapters for Kato brand machines with short wires. These let you connect to your Kato plug-together system without cutting any wires. These adapter cables with our terminals let Kato users easily reverse the switch indication, so now you can decide which route shows red and which shows green.

We offer this base alone, or in a package with four Touch Toggles or Mini-Cup Toggles of your choice.

Our Circuits Protect Your Equipment!

Like our 3 wire Snap Action Base, precise timing and charging circuits ensure that every switch machine gets the exact power it needs, and no machine will be left on to overheat. The Snap Action outputs should never overpower even a small switch machine. Each Bipolar Snap Action Base will control up to four 2-wire switch machines. The bases can connect side by side with other 12v bases to share a common power supply.

Note: Most polarized machine designs are designed for powerful 16v-18v supplies. We offer a 24v High Voltage Power Supply that works well with Kato HO, Kato multiple switch crossovers, Rapido Trains, and other pre-electronic supply engineered machines. Our 24v High Voltage Supplies offer 24v to build a larger charge in the on-board capacitor. Remember that our electronics completely protect your turnouts. The power is on for only a fraction of a second, so no wires or coils can heat up or be damaged with such a brief pulse. Even the smallest N scale motors will just operate with a slightly louder click.

Our high-powered outputs can handle a serious surge, so they are quite sturdy against all but direct shorts. That way users (like us) won’t ruin our investment or fun by being too casual about connections. We couldn’t make the output truly short-proof and still give the Oomph needed to throw some of the more stubborn switch machines so do be careful wiring them up. We’re sure enough of our gear that if you promise to be careful when you connect your wires, we’ll cover the replacement of your investment the first time it might fail from an accidental overload.

The Bipolar Snap Action Base is approximately 2-3/4″ wide, 2-3/4″ deep, and 1-1/4″ tall. (70mm x 70mm x 32mm). Mount with four – #6 (5mm) screws.

We sell Terminal Power Adapters, so it’ll be easy enough to wire your own. Please read About Power for Touch Toggles for detailed information.

Use our Kato Turnout Adapters to Make Our Base Plug Compatible

The Bipolar Base drives Kato machines well, but you need to decide how you’ll be wiring your turnouts; You can cut off the plug on your Kato turnout or extension to use common wire to run to your turnouts, or use our Turnout Adapters at the base output terminals to provide a Kato type socket. Our adapters let you keep your Kato plug-in wires in just-from-the-factory condition.

Our Kato AC Adapter lets you just plug in Kato accessory power to our Snap Bases. Comes prewired with Kato power plug; Plug and Play!

Both these wiring accessories are listed in the menu below.

Please contact us about any special situation you have.


Each twin-coil machine should be connected to it’s own output for a full power snap. Our new Input Splitter lets you control 2 or 3 switches from the same Touch Toggle.

You can also use an Input Splitter and a Relay Base to add contacts to any turnout.

Mount your Touch Toggles farther away from the Snap Base with 3-Pin Extension Cables

Add the ability to control the same turnout from multiple locations by connecting 2 or more Touch Toggles through a Multi-Input Adapter

Have your turnouts power up in their last position, not green, using our Memory Adapters

Easily place both lights of a two-light Touch Toggle with the Toggle Placement Tool

Have lighted signals on your layout, keyed to your switch settings using the LED Driver for Signals

If you are ordering our mechanical Push Button Toggles for Lionel and High Rail systems, these do not have wire pigtails. Be sure to choose the required 3-pin extensions, and Mini-Cup mounts, or LED options in the Push Button Toggle page

Current orders for 2.5 and 3 amp 24v supplies should ship by April 20th.


Legal stuff: This product contains chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer (lead). Unused or retired products should be recycled properly or may be returned to Berrett Hill for disposal in accordance with RoHS standards.

We manufacture our products in the USA. Orders over $140 include free shipping to US addresses.

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