Wye Track Adapter

Our Wye Adapter is a small plug in unit that uses three Toggles to control the switch machines installed in a wye track arrangement. It lets you choose your route through the wye in an obvious way. It works with any of our control bases, so it can control just about any kind of switch machine.

The Touch Toggles for the wye make the route selection clear, and clears the track for the route that is currently selected.

Operation is quite intuitive. Touch Toggles are placed on each of the three tracks in the wye graphic. Touching any of the Touch Toggles on the tracks sets all three turnouts for a through-route on that track. The Touch Toggle will turn Green for the selected route, and Red for the other two blocked routes.

This adapter just plugs in, between the Toggles and the Base. Installation couldn’t be easier.

Note: If you are using a Snap Action Base to drive high power twin-coil machines you will need the addition of an Input Splitter . This will let the Wye adapter connect to a third base input, in order to fully power the three turnouts. High efficiency turnout motors may be able to “get away” with operating two machines from one output.

Also Note: If you look very closely at the Touch Toggle LEDs while connected to  the Three Way Switch Adapter you will sometimes see the dark LED very dimly blinking. This is normal, a result of very short tests done to see if the Toggle has been touched. This effect is not visible through a diffuser or paper, but can be surprising if it is unexpected.

This product is made by Berrett Hill in the USA. Orders over $120 include free shipping to US addresses.

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Price: $14.95
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